Spring Semester

NUE8061 Advanced Nuclear Reactor  Thermal-Hydraulics
This course will cover the advanced topics of the thermal-hydraulic phenomena such as boiling and condensation. In addition, cycle analysis regarding the power conversion system of the nuclear power plant will be covered.

Fall Semester

NUE9012 Analysis Methodology for Two-Phase Flow
Two-phase flow is generally too complicate to understand due to its instability and boiling crisis phenomenon such as critical heat flux (CHF). This course will prepare the students to understand the flow regimes of two-phase flow and how to understand them in a physical manner.

NUE9000 Severe Accident Phenomenology and Analysis Methodology
This course covers how the severe accident in nuclear power plant is progresses in case of many different scenario and how to mitigate them. In addition, students will participate in term assignment using the MELCOR code, a tool to analyze the severe accidents.